RStudio not reachable after unshelving


To Whom It May Concern:

*1. RStudio not reachable after unshelving. I have unshelved my Cardiff VM and everything seems to be working correctly (SSH, Juypter, Lubuntu, public HTML), except RStudio. It was working as recently as last Thursday, before the maintenance; however, I was not able to reach it today. The address seems completely non-responsive as I am not promoted for Username/password. The data under that partition is visible through the commandline.

*2. climb3

*3. Cardiff

Thank you for your assistance.



Hi Chris,

Can you try running:

sudo rstudio-server restart

and see if that fixes it. If it still isn’t working, then can you post the output of the following:

sudo rstudio-server status

Best wishes,



I will try this when the Cardiff region is back online. It is still unreachable when I tried 15 minutes ago.