Server wont reboot


I was having problems with my server and so Initiated a hard reboot. After 30-45 mins I still could not access the server.

I then shut it down for a few minutes and restarted it. 30 mins later and I cannot access the instance.

I am not sure what is going on!

Could you check it out and see if this is a climb problem, or a problem with my server in particular?

I have a feeling I have disrupted the workings of Linux so much that it is unable to boot up again! I thought a restart would cure it…

The server name is a number,followed by an underscore, followed by “species”. Our group name is bordetellagroup and we are running on Warwick.


It is up and running now!
Not sure if anyone carried out any wizardry or not,if you did, Thanks!

Sorry about this! We fixed some stuff our end - the instance was confused about which volume was attached in what order and was trying to boot from your data disk rather than the boot volume.

Detaching the data volume, rebooting the VM and re-attaching the data volume sorted it out.

We’ll look into the underlying cause, but you should be up-and-running for now!

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