Shared Volumes between 2 vms

It doesn’t seem to be an option in Horizon, is there a way to have a volume mounted on two vms at once (such that they can share a pool of data?)

irida-cen-dev (Centos 7.5)
galaxy-centos (Centos 7.5)


There isn’t an option in Horizon because this technically isn’t really possible at the volume level without any accompanying logic. The underlying filesystem would need to be aware of multiple users, file locks and that sort of thing.

The easiest way to get up and running with a shared filesystem is to use NFS. One of these VMs can act as an NFS server and the other as an NFS client, or you can setup another small VM with a large volume attached to act as the NFS server, and make your current VMs NFS clients.

Redhat has good documentation for setting up an NFS server, and there’s a more practical walkthrough here.

If you run into any problems, please reply and we’ll help you fix them.

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