Shelved_Offloaded status

I could not access to my remote server on climb region Warwick since it had status Shelved_Offloaded. Can you please inspect?


This will be unshelved for you shortly.

Thanks. I eventually logged in the Horizon and unshelved it. I’m just wondering how this process routinely happen as it will interrupt some of long-running analyses.


Due to heavy usage of CLIMB infrastructure at Warwick, all virtual machines created for the tutorial held on 9-10 May were stopped and shelved except these which owners responded to the e-mail sent by Sion a week before. Your VM was not on the list of VMs to keep running as apparently Sion had got no reply from you.

As a rule, we do not stop any VMs without prior contact with its owner. Perhaps this e-mail had been placed in a spam folder?



Thanks for your information Maciek
I did not receive any emails about that though checked in SPAM folder.