Software missing unless in Birmingham

Hi there,

I have previously been using ‘birmingham’ location, but it appears full to the brim (which is very annoying) due to “new instances not available”. Having logged onto a seperate location, I cant seem to find spades or nullarbor on Cardiff or Warwick. Seems like they dont exist there? Correct me if im wrong (and I hope I am).


I can only apologise for the annoyance that Birmingham being full has caused. We have however, managed to clear some space at both Cardiff and Warwick over the last few days, so your new instance(s) should be able to find a home at either of those two sites.

All sites provide identical resources.

If you’ve started a new GVL instance then you have to wait a little while for it to complete its initialization. Every new GVL instance downloads 2x ~5Gb archives that contain the Galaxy and brew environments. After these are downloaded, checksummed and unpacked, the brew bin is added to the PATH and software becomes available to execute.

If you SSH to your instance before the initialization is complete and the brew bin is added to the PATH, you’ll find that you won’t be able to execute the large majority of the provided bioinfomatics software until you disconnect and reconnect again.

Please disconnect from your new instance, then reconnect and try --help or -h.

OK will do. Thanks for the help.