Swansea Registration error

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Unable to access Bryn dashboard/virtual desktop, although ssh still works. When trying to login I get the following error:
“The swansea region is currently unavailable. Check the community forum for service status, Your team doesn’t currently have a tenant registered for this region (Swansea).”

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I haven’t received any emails about renewing a license

Best wishes,

Hello Alex,
Thank you for your message. I have passed it to the relevant team. The licence has been correctly renewed by the Primary User of the group.
Kind regards,

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for getting in touch and confirming the license renewal. Unfortunately I haven’t heard any further news and the problem remains.

Best wishes

Hi Lisa- a quick update, I’ve just realised I can still access the dashboard and virtual desktop. It appears it’s only the bryn login screen that isn’t working properly so it’s not urgent.


I have the same problem and noticed that the Bryn page, re Swansea states
“Stats last updated Dec. 21, 2020, 2 p.m.”

However I cannot access my server as it was off. When will Bryn be back on line?

Best wishes

Update - I can access through SSH. Hurrah!

If you need to access the dashboard I’ve found you can use your instance IP address and that still works OK.

Great! Thanks.

Best wishes

Hi all,

I’m having a similar issue, VM at Swansea has been down for 24 hours and I can’t log in via ssh. As bryn is down I can’t check on it, but other VMs in the group (also at Swansea) are working.

Any ideas?

Hi @harry-thorpe, my Swansea-based VM is now completely down too (unable to login via ssh).

Best wishes,

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the update. Hopefully it’s just part of the ongoing maintenance.

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