Unable to connect to galaxy and ssh after unshelving

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CLIMB SERVICE PROBLEMS (Bryn, OpenStack, Launching VMs, Creating and attaching Volumes, etc.)

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port 22: Connection refused

There is no application service running on this host yet, or the service is not responding. To manage this cloud instance, please use the [CloudMan Console]

*screenshot of dashboard below

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have not been able to connect to ssh since unshelving.
neither galaxy/ssh working despite hard reboot

Your kind assistance is much appreciated indeed!

Hi @lphee,
I’m a Climb user, so take my words as sharing experience rather than offering support :slight_smile:

The SSH problem it looks like the SSH server in your VM stopped working. This can be because it was killed or misconfigured. If the problem is the first, restarting the machine will solve the issue (otherwise it’s like being “locked out”, as to fix the configuration you would need access to SSH in the first place).

I would suggest opening a support ticket via bryn to ask for assistance with this.

For Galaxy I remember that GVL was discontinued by CLIMB two years ago, so probably lots of things changed in the meanwhile…


Thanks for the tip, Andrea! Hadn’t realise that there was a way to raise a support ticket with the new interface until you mentioned it.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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