Unable to detach volume

Using the openstack interface (datacenter: Bham) i wanted to detach two volumes from a VM (in order to terminate it) and attach them to another VM.

The volumes have these IDs:

  • c480635f-acb3-4bcd-aed6-1b94f429ae63
  • afba9624-e9ef-4697-abaa-c046087d08b1

and I’d like to attach them to tarp VM (eea58904-eeaa-4c3c-b044-e1e29fcdad50), but when I try I get this error:

Error: Unable to detach volume: 
Volume bryn:207_IFRQMRA gambia boot volume on instance gambia

Thanks for any help on this

You can’t detach volumes attached to a shelved instance.
I’ve unshelved that VM for you.


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