Unable to launch server

I have two queries:
i) I would like to launch a server however I am unable to as a message appears stating that no new servers can be launched at present. What should I do? I have changed regions and it is the same for them all. Do I need to wait until some space becomes available?
ii) we have a group account and members of the group had launched some servers back in March 2017 however i don’t believe these are currently being used. If I terminate these, will this free up some space and allow me access?

Hi Odile,

Which site do you try to launch new servers at?

Sure, terminating unused servers is always good idea to free some space!



hi Maciej
Thanks for getting back to me. I’m trying to launch a GVL server from either region with the same response.
I’ll give the other users (who set up the other servers) a couple of days to respond and then possibly decide what to do.