Unable to retieve attachment information

When using the horizon advanced interface I am unable to attach, unnatach, delete or create snapshots of volumes hosted at swansea. I get the error messages Unable to retieve attachment information.

Ideally I would just like to keep the OralSciencegla instance and the Sequence Data volume.

I’m looking into this for you now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for reporting this - we fixed a problem our side.

The volume C_Del (Sequence Data) is currently still attached to OralSciencegla, please could you re-attempt the operations that were failing previously?

Also, if you have snapshots dependent on this volume, i.e. snapshots of this volume that still exist, you will need to delete these snapshots before you are able to delete the parent volume. If you would like to make one of the snapshots independent of its parent volume, please let me know.

I have been able to remove a lot of the volumes and snapshots which I was unable to do before. However I am still receiving the same error. Also I am unable to delete some of the volumes which no longer have an instance.
I am also now able to detach the volume C_Del successfully.

Thank you for your help.

Good - progress!

As above - if you have made a snapshot of a volume, that snapshot is dependent on the presence of that volume. There isn’t a useful error message for this situation, but this may be why you cannot delete a particular volume.

Please could you check that there are no snapshots of the volume you are trying to delete, and if there are, please let me know the name of the volume so that I can make it independent of any snapshots, which will allow you to delete it.

So there is now just one snapshot. I have deleted all the others. However it wont let me delete the last remaining snapshot.

Oh also I would like to remove any volume that isn’t attached to OralSciencegla.

Sure, I’ll remove those for you.

It looks like you’ve got some stuck volumes (attached to “None”), once we clear those up, everything should be happy and working again.

I think you’re back to good now - all orphaned volumes removed and the ones attached to OralSciencegla remaining.

This was our fault, there was a problem with our volume administration process at Swansea and we missed it. Thanks for letting us know about the problem and for being patient with us while we fixed it!

It is not a problem. Thanks for all the help. Everything seems to be working fine now.

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