Upgrading an instance to have more cores and RAM

Hi Matt

Sorry for opening a new request - I think the previous one has been closed.

The MinIon Analysis and Reference Consortium (MARC) would still like to explore whether it’s possible to upgrade our instance ( to have more nodes.

The consortium is trying to basecall and do metagenomic analyses for a number of nanopore runs. With 4 cores, it will just take too long, and without additional RAM some of the software will not run.

Could you please let us know if it’s possible to upgrade our instance to have 64 cores? It would be great if we could do this as soon as possible so we can pre-process the raw data.

With the RAM, we will probably need 128G RAM at some point to do some of the processing. Is it possible to do this on CLIMB? If yes, could we ask this to be upgraded just before we need it, which will probably be after the initial pre-processing?

Many thanks

Hi Camilla,

We can offer you an instance with 48 CPU cores and around 680 Gb of RAM for your project, would that be suitable?

I’m afraid that that there is no capacity to resize your instance at Birmingham, so we would offer you a new, larger VM at Cardiff.

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