Using bryn to start a Genomics Virtual Laboratory server

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When I go to I don’t see anything there to click to start a GVL? I do however have an error message: No tenant registered for this team. Have I done something wrong with setup?

Could you try logging out and then back in again please?

Nothing you’ve done wrong!

ta dah! working! Thanks :slight_smile:

As if by magic!

Anyone else with any problems, please comment and we can fix.

Sorry, back again! I have ‘unknown’ under IP address so can’t click to server?

No problem!

Could you try refreshing the page?

The VM looks fine at our end, I’ll PM you the IP address shortly so that you can get on with what you want to do while we look into what’s happened.

thanks, I have refreshed both the window and using the blue refresh button, still unknown:-(

Apologies, we’ll get this sorted ASAP and notify once done.

Hello, I also have this problem. please can you help?

That is I also have the message: No tenant registered for this team

Done, please log out / log in.

Please give us a bit of time to work out what’s happening with the unknown public IP issue from newly created GVL VMs at Birmingham.

…and fixed - any new instances at Birmingham should get IPs just fine!

Hi Matt, I’m also getting the “No tenant registered for this team!” error? Tried logging out and back in but still appears

Hi Ash!

This should be fixed - log out and log back in again please.

Hello, I have created a custom server but I am unable to access the server link (link does not load up) - to all the programs including galaxy etc. Is there something additional I need to do to activate this?

You need to launch a GVL rather than a custom server if you want Galaxy etc.

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I too am having similar issues with the “No tenant registered for this team” error message.

I have logged out and back in again, i have refreshed the page (both in the web-browser and using the blue refresh button) and also used Chrome and IE but nothing has resolved the issue unfortunately.

This should be fixed - please log out and log back in again

Thanks @mattbull all sorted