Volume attachment after shutdown

After the Birmingham shutdown, one of my volumes seems to be empty! Or rather I can’t locate the files where they were before.

Please can you help.

Many thanks


Please check that your volume is mounted, following the advice here:

Hi Matt,

Yes I did all this. One volume is all fine /dev/vdb mounted to /mnt and all data present in the directories as normal, however /dev/vdc is mounted as /mnt/storage but the directory has a lost+found directory only in it.

Many thanks


Okay - so you’ve mounted the second volume at a mountpoint on the first volume?

Please could you try mounting the volumes separately first?

For example:

mkdir /home/ubuntu/vdb
mkdir /home/ubuntu/vdc
sudo mount /dev/vdb /home/ubuntu/vdb
sudo mount /dev/vdc /home/ubuntu/vdc

Once they’re mounted like this, you can check for the lost files…

I’ve got a really big problem! I have lost all the data on the volume because I followed instructions on making a new volume. How can this be recovered

I have accidentally re-formatted the volume when trying to make a new one:

sudo fdisk /dev/vdc
sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/vdc
sudo mount /dev/vdc /mnt/storage

Which has wiped my volume! Is there any chance this can be recovered (4TB volume)

Thanks so much


Hi Gemma - I’ve sent a PM to get some more details from you.

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