Number of concurrent jobs in GVL Galaxy

Hi there

Here is a rather specific question.

I am trying to run a workflow in my GVL galaxy instance in batch on a bunch of samples. That all works very well, but unfortunately it only runs one job at a time, so it takes very long to complete.

I tried to spin up some worker nodes with CloudMan, which did not work and I was subsequently informed that CloudMan doesn’t work anyway because of some Openstack incompatibilities.

Any idea how I can get it to run a few more jobs? I had a look in the Galaxy config/jobs_conf.xml but it is not immediately obvious to be, especially since the workers for the local runner are set to 4 already, so that setting is ignored for some reason.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


We’re not supporting CloudMan right now and I think in future versions we’ll probably disable it. However, it should be possible to use more workers. We’ll try and figure out how to do this and get back to you.