Problem taking a snapshot

I face a problem creating a snapshot of a VM.

On I have a machine called ShepGWAS that I want to take a snapshot. My
goal is to create an identical machine and give access to potential collaborators.

When I am logging in to horizon to create a snapshot the image created has 0 size and when I try to create a new VM with it I get an error. Maybe I don’t have the permissions to
create snapshot of that machine?

Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong?
Thank you very much for your time and help.


I’ve had similar problems that I haven’t resolved. It would be very helpful to have a tutorial on snapshots and VM management put onto discourse.
Thanks, Mat

I’m looking in to this and will have an answer for you as soon as I can.

Snapshotting is a pretty complicated process under-the-hood (see NeCTAR’s take on it here), so it might not be the case of doing something “wrong”, but rather a problem on CLIMB’s end that we can work on solving.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Matt,

I’m having a problem snapshotting my main instance - I’ve never had a problem doing this in the past when I backup, but am currently encountering an (unspecified) error when I try and snapshot through horizon. Any advice?
Many Thanks,


Have PM’d you about this - need a few more details about the instance.