S3 buckets aws command error

I am trying to back up my files to s3 bucket but I have the following error:

#show the buckets
aws --profile=climb --endpoint=https://s3.climb.ac.uk/ s3 ls

#showed 3 bucket names

#transfer the files
aws --profile=climb --endpoint=https://s3.climb.ac.uk/ s3 cp my_file.txt s3://bucket_name/my_file.txt

#here is the error message
upload failed: ./my_file.txt to s3://bucket_name/my_file.txt argument of type ‘NoneType’ is not iterable**

Anyone has any idea?


That could mean several things, does this bucket definitely exist? Exactly as it appears with s3 ls? Second question, do you have the rights to put files there?

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