Unshelving Problems

To Whom It May Concern:

Bryn still claims my instance is active, but I cannot log in. I am trying to unshelve the instance, but that function is not in the pulldown menus of Bryn or Horizon. I reread the directions in the emails and thought that it meant the “unshelve” option would be part of the user’s Bryn pulldown menu, along with stop, reboot, and terminate. I am in the Cardiff service area.

Is there just a lag as the whole network suspends, creates the snapshots, and shelves all VMs?


Hi Chris - nothing has been shelved yet, if your instances are Active on the Bryn page, then they are running.

I’ve checked both of your instances here at Cardiff and they both appear to be responding normally - perhaps this is a client-side problem? Please could you check your local network?

Thanks for pointing out that unshelving is missing from Bryn’s Options menu. This is intentional - Unshelving will become available when an instance is in a Shelved_Offloaded state. You can see this below:


Thanks for the quick response.

RE: Client Side. Perhaps. In the meantime I updated my SSH interface. Log on worked. Did not mean to call “wolf” without cause.

Thanks again,

No worries - I’m just glad it was an easy fix!

Your instances will be shelved today a some point, so if you’re using your VM in earnest apologies if you get unceremoniously booted out!

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