Can login but cannot type commands/navigate instance

I can log into my instance (based at Cardiff) fine but it is like it doesn’t fully log me in because the prompt doesn’t appear, which would allow me to type commands and navigate my instance. This has been like it for two days now, which is a bit strange! I’ve added a screenshot below to show what I mean :).

Do you have any ideas why this might be? I am currently running CheckM and have been for some time, so could it be that I’ve depleted my RAM?

Hello, this seems to have resolved itself this morning. I tried to delete this post but I couldn’t - apologies!

Thank you,
Lizzy :slight_smile:

This was probably due to the Ceph update that we did this week - we are still ironing out a couple of issues, server-side, but hopefully things should be mostly working now.

If issues persist, please post here and we can investigate.



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