Can't access Warwick instances from bryn homepage


Our group are running several instances hosted at Warwick (“JPIAMR”,“AMRfood”, and “phylo”). However, for the past few days I have not been able to see any of these instances when I log into Bryn, although I am able to access them via ssh or sftp.

To deal with this I started a new instance hosted at Birmingham (called “phylo-2”), and this is currently the only instance I can see when I log in to Bryn. Others in our group can see/have access to the “JPIAMR”,“AMRfood”, and “phylo” instances, but not my new “phylo-2” instance.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated.
Thanks very much!

Hi Hannah - looking into this now.

Can I just confirm that when changing region, you’re selecting the region from the drop-down menu and then pressing the “Change Region” button?


Sorry Matt, I thought I’d replied! Thanks so much for your help, I’d not clicked about the “Change Region” button: sorry to waste your time!

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