Not able to launch new volumes ut cannot delete any either


I have a number of existing data volumes that are hosted at Swansea and I cannot detach or delete any of them. I have reached my quote for volumes but cannot free up any more as I can’t delete old ones.

Most of my VMs as well as volumes are hosted at Swansea so I can’t do very much at the moment…

Could my allowance for VMs and volumes be increased while Swansea is down? I am not able to access the majority of my quota for either…

Hi Sophie,
Thank you for your message and apologies for the issue with Swansea: our technical team is working on it and experienced a further delay due to a storm-induced power cut.
Although I suspect another reason is causing the issue you are experiencing: the free quota is 16vCPUs and 1TB of storage, which is all in use at another site for your group account. This might cause Bryn to prevent you from unshelving VMs at Swansea and using volumes there.
Kind regards,

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