Unable to access unshelved instance

Hi, I recently unshelved a Swansea-based instance (shelved for 2 weeks), and while the dashboard indicates the instance is now active, when I attempt to open ubuntu I receive the following error message: Failed to connect to server (code: 1006). My VM is called EVAL-SOIL. The issue seems similar to this post Unshelved instances unavailable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It appears to be fine to me?

How long did you wait after shelving it?

Hi Imranh, I unshelved the instance about 4 hours ago. I have since tried refreshing the dashboard page as well as logging out of Bryn and then logging back in again, however I still get the same error message when I attempt to access the Lubuntu desktop. I also tried rebooting the instance, but this hasn’t resolved the issue either.

Seems to be working for me (

What errors are you getting?

When trying to login into the Lubuntu desktop I get a grey screen with “Failed to connect to server (code: 1006)” at the top. I can however still SSH into the VM.

Can you try again now?

Unfortunately the VM login now stops with the following message ‘starting VNC handshake’. I’ve also tried using different computers, but had the same outcome.

Is this a similar problem? https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/vnc-hanging-at-yellow-starting-vnc-handshake.30759/

Thanks for your continued support with this issue.


I think at this point the easiest thing to do is for you to start a new instance.

I’ve reopened up Swansea so you should be able to launch a new VM and reattach your volumes. (make sure to turn off the old vm before trying to deattach volumes)

Hi Imran,

No problem, I’ve shutoff my VM and detached the volumes successfully, however when I try to launch a new instance I get an ‘error’ rather than ‘build’ status. I guess the space on Swansea has filled up already?

I don’t mean to pester, but I am still unable to launch a new server. If you could briefly reopen Swansea it would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you email me at i.hussain@swansea.ac.uk so we can get this sorted

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